Deluxe Single Rack Dishwasher 747 High-Temp


Completely automatic wash and rinse cycles including one washing phase at 150F (65C). with detergent and one rinsing phase at 185F. (85C) regulated by dual thermostatic controls
Hourly capacity: ~50 racks per hour

Built-in dosing pump for sparkling rinse additive
Automatic refill of wash tank water every four to five cycles (depending on pressures)
Possibility to wash dishes or trays with a maximum height of 16.5 in.(42 cm)
Standard unit equipped with double wash motor pumps for increased strength - twin motors each of 3/4 H.P. each for a total of 1.5 H.P.
OPTIONAL: automatic dosing pump for liquid detergent

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SKU SKU16549
Weight 342.00 lbs
Model 747
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Size 20 x 20"
Voltage 208-220/60/1-3
Market price: $8280.00
Our price: $7535.50
Deluxe Single Rack Dishwasher 747 High-Temp

Complete operating cycle: ~70 seconds Wash tank capacity: 4.75 U.S. gallons (18 liters) Wash tank element: 6000 Watts Booster element: 9000 Watts Maximum power absorption: 10,100 Watts Amperage: Single phase - 48 AMPS Three phase - 27 AMPS Wash temperature: 150F. (65C.). Booster capacity: 2.7 U.S. gallons (10.2 liters) Booster (water) temperature: 185F. - 195F. (85C. - 90C.) Water consumption per cycle: 1.0 U.S. gallon (3.8 Litres) Water Inlet Connection: 3/4 inch flexible garden-hose type Dual wash motor pumps of 0.75 H.P. each (total 1.5 H.P.) with thermic drill to 320F. (160C.) and motor insulation in F class Available either single or three phase operation 208 - 220V / 60 Hz. Weight: 342 lbs. (155 kg).

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