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  Refrigeration, Foodservice and Restaurant Hardware :: Restaurant & FoodService Equipment :: Stoneware Dinnerware Sets

Stoneware dinerware is an excellent selection for everyday use in all your daily household needs. What sets is apart from other dinnerware? The list of advantages isn't a short one.

They are great at retaining heat, which helps to keep your food warmer, longer. Which means you won't have to reheat meals while waiting for your family to gather at the table. Stoneware is also much more durable and rugged in comparison to other types of dinnerware, such as porcelain. Because stoneware dinnerware sets usually have a resistant glaze applied to them, you can easily stack plates without worrying about them getting scratched.

Stoneware sets are usually durable enough to be microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. And they're easy to clean too, which shouldnt be overlooked. With so many different colors and styles available, you're sure to find a set that will match your tastes perfectly, and the look and feel reminiscent of handmade pottery is sure to bring warmth to your home!
For starters, they have a tendency to work great at retaining heat. This is a major bonus because it helps to keep your food warm for much longer than usual. Even if your family isn't ready to eat immediately when you announce its time for dinner, you won't have the annoying task of having to continually reheat their meals. Another distinct advantage of using stoneware dinnerware is that tends to be much more rugged and durable compared to other types of dinnerware such as porcelain. In fact, many types of stoneware are even designed to be chip resistant! Because stoneware dinnerware sets tends to have a very resistant glaze applied to them, you can easily stack one plate upon the other with no worries about any scratching occurring. That is simply just not the case with certain other types of dinnerware.

    Stoneware Dinnerware Sets
There are no available products under this category.  


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