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Build your own Walk-In Cooler, Walk-in Freezer, Cold Rooms, Insulated Panels Manufacturing

Our walk in cooler or walk in freezer box are modular construction and can be assembled by anyone

We will provide:

  • Doors

  • Insulated Panels

  • Self-Contained Refrigeration System

Our Walk-ins are assembled with modular panel selection of 3, 4, 6 or 8 inches polystyrene or urethane solid core foam insulation with no wood framing. Panel selection precision formed to assure panel uniformity and easy of installation. Walk-ins can be easily disassembled, relocated or enlarged.

Cold Room build yoursef installationAny walk in cooler or walk in freezer box are modular construction and can be assembled by anyone (see video), the difference between a DIY walk in cooler or walk in freezer are not the panels, but the type of refrigeration system its used used.
Any system referred to as "remote" or "split", regardless of whether it is "indoor" or "outdoor" means that installation of the refrigeration system, by Federal Law, will require an E.P.A. licensed refrigeration technician.
Since installation will involve charging the system, once connected, with refrigerant.
A remote system will also require control system wiring, and plumbing to drain the evaporator coil during defrost. 
A DIY system will provide a pre-charged system which includes the evaporator coil, (cooling coils that the fans blow over), condenser, (which dispels the heat removed from the walk in cooler or walk in freezer), and compressor, (the heart of the system, responsible for recompressing the refrigerant, allowing the condenser to dispel the heat, and continuing the cycle of compression and expansion).
This type of system, whether called "Penthouse", "Capsule Pack", " Self-Contained" or "Drop In", does not require charging with refrigerant, control wiring, or plumbing.
It has been factory tested, and only requires connection to the electrical source. Saving from hundreds to thousands of Dollars in installation expense.

This type of system is usually a little more expensive, but the installation savings will usually far more than offset the slightly higher initial cost.

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