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Morgue Cooler/Freezer Storage

Manufacturer of complete line of morgue refrigerators for any capacity is available. Options include remote or self-contained refrigeration systems, body storage racks and trays, mobile morgue carts, temperature monitoring and control systems.

Self-contained morgue walk-in cooler, freezerMorgue coolerMortuary Cooler/ freezer

Product Specifications
Standard Size: 3 Person Body Box -- 7'8" x 3'1" x 5'6 ½" with floor (Custom sizes available)
Interior/ Exterior Finish: White Galvanized, White Smooth, Stainless Steel, Black Galvanized, and Galvalume
Insulation: Expanded Polystyrene or FIP Urethane
Shelving System: Heavy-duty 3 tier roll out shelving
Refrigeration System: Top Mount Self Contained Unit

Morgue coolers are available in both custom and standard sizes for your convenience. Standard models hold 3 bodies.





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Floral Refrigerated Building

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